Image: Shoalhaven Water Worker. Courtesy of Shoalhaven City Council

Shoalhaven City Council has provided assistance for communities in the far north of New South Wales, impacted by recent flooding, by sending much needed water and sewage pumping equipment. 

With the additional equipment, sewerage systems in flood affected areas can be reinstated and thus reduce the health risk to the community and the environment.  

Council’s water utility Shoalhaven Water has lent a helping hand with relief operations with spare plant and equipment including Pressure Sewer Unit Control Panels, testing panels, domestic pump systems and control panels. 

Shoalhaven Mayor, Amanda Findley, said, “When Council heard the urgent call out from New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment to support our northern neighbours with essential parts, we responded and pulled together a package of supplies and shipped them to the Public Works Advisory Unit at Evans Head.

“When Shoalhaven was impacted by bushfires a few years ago, many agencies came to our aid. Being able to repay that generosity is incredibly important. In times of crisis, the reassurance to know we are all in this together can make any Australian proud. 

“We recognise that the flood recovery process is long and ongoing for the many affected areas. They now face new challenges and needs that come with rebuilding communities and restoring essential services.”

Image: Shoalhaven Water worker. Courtesy of Shoalhaven City Council.

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